Sunday, 10 November 2013

New discovery- plus news about the Francis Mcmanus Competition.

I have just discovered that I am a rubbish blogger. I mean, most people who blog seem to post at least once a day. Me I appear to post every now and again. It's not really laziness but time, I work full time and this just distracts me. So, for that I apologize. I think that the biggest issue with a writer is these time constraints. Of course I speak about myself so please don't be offended. I would like to post more often and I certainly would like to write more often. The reason for this is simple; I believe that it is only by writing that I will improve. Believe me I have seen a difference in the past months. I did say that it is my goal to write a novel before I pop my clogs. I have taken some steps towards achieving this goal. 

I did start NANOWRIMO but I am not making the progress that the exercise demands. However, I have got back to the novel which I did start. It has to be said that progress has been made on it. The best thing that I have learnt from NANOWRIMO is to write, just write. Get rid of the internal editor and get the stuff down. You can always go back and make amendments and edits if and when the notion takes you.You can even change the story direction if necessary. The main thing is get it written. I will endeavor to do some writing with NANOWRIMO's encouragement but I very much doubt I will complete a novel in a month. I don't know if I am even capable of completing one in a life time. I do have a head full of stories but staying focused if definitely difficult.

oh! Just so that you know. The 2014 Francis McManus details have been released. YO v=can get ny information you require on the site below:

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