Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Dark Tales Short Story Competition

Dark Tales is now ten years old! To celebrate we have re-launched our short story contest...  Current deadline is 30th November.

We have two online (PayPal) options for the contest. For either option, email your stories to once you've paid. (1) Pay for each contest entry (plus a critique, and proof edit, if required):

Or (2) Take out a subscription to the contest for £5 ($8 US) per month or £50 ($80 US) per year. You can then enter two stories, or one story plus a tick-sheet critique, into each month's contest:
If you're in the UK you can enter our contest by post -click the link to download a printable entry form:

DarkTalesContestEntryForm.pdf Size : 36.898 Kb Type : pdf

More Info Here.

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