Monday, 10 March 2014

New Irish Journal gorse is looking for submissions

gorse is new a twice-yearly print journal edited by Susan Tomaselli and David Gavan, featuring longform narrative essays, original fiction and interviews. Issue one was published in Dublin on 28th January 2014.

Produced in a numbered limited edition of 350 copies.The journal gorse includes new fiction by Desmond Hogan, Joanna Walsh, Matt Jakubowski, John Holten and Julie Reverb, alongside essays by Rob Doyle (on Michel Houellebecq), Darran Anderson (on how ancient modernsim is), Richard Kovitch (on Nic Roeg), as well as many others. It also includes poetry and graphic art.


They are interested in the potential of literature, in literature where lines between fiction, memoir and history blur in experimental writing, in fiction in translation, in the unconventional and the under recognised, in the personal essay . They are a literary journal equally interested in the arts (fine art, photography, architecture, film, music), in culture, in politics. We’re looking for smart writing, not academic.


gorse‘s website will publish shorter pieces of criticism, narrative essays and interviews all year round. We are not currently considering fiction or poetry.

Please send a query, or the first 500 words of your proposed essay, to info [at] gorse [dot] ie, with ‘Website’ in the subject line. Work should be previously unpublished.

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