Monday, 31 March 2014

Open Pen Magazine

Do you have a piece of writing that 'The Open Pen' might be interested in. They are looking for submissions and of course you never know, it could end up being on the cover of our next issue with the full front cover treatment.

They are not looking for a specific type or style of prose. So long as it is completely your creation and 50 to 4,000 words in length it is suitable for submission. They love receiving a real range of writing. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact them or visit their FAQ.

Submissions can come from anywhere in the world. They’re OPEN.

Write microfiction? Why not submit for our:
Weekly Open Pen publication on BERG’s Little Printer

For submissions to their Little Printer publication. Please mark emails with ‘LP’ or ‘Little Printer’ in the subject header, and be sure that your submission is more than 50 words, but certainly no more than 150!

Ready to submit your piece?

Please email it to

Nonfiction more your thing? Perhaps you’ll prefer our:
Weekly Article on this website

Got something to say? Prose not your thing? Article writers, essay enthusiasts, get in touch with us about any articles you’d like to write for our weekly article column on this very website.

Email James at

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