Thursday, 20 March 2014

Silver Apples Magazine is now accepting submissions

Silver Apples Magazine is now accepting submissions for its inaugural issue on the theme “Modern Mythologies” in the following categories:
Short fiction
Creative non-fiction
Poetry (all forms)
One act plays
Digital artwork and illustrations

Our Magazine

Silver Apples Magazine is a brand new e-zine dedicated to showcasing new and original talent across a range of media from prose to the visual arts. What makes Silver Apples Magazine different is our desire to publish unknown and unpublished artists and creators. There is no need for you to have a previous publication history to submit to us – whether you are a seasoned author or a photographer just finding their feet, as long as you have a vision or an idea we want to hear from you!

Our Theme

The theme for this issue is “Modern Mythologies” – make of that what you will! Subvert it, interpret it and let it inspire you to create!

Submission Guidelines (aka “The Technical Stuff”):

All submissions MUST be original, previously unpublished works (however, if a piece was previously published on a personal blog we will consider it as long as you make this fact known to us). Plagiarism will not be tolerated and is punishable by death (ok, not really…but we will be very annoyed with you!).

We accept submissions in all genres – including genres that many other publications overlook such as horror, science fiction, fantasy anything you can think of. If your work resonates with us we will publish it!

Please email all submissions to with the header “Submission” followed by the type of submission and the title of your piece.

E.g. Submission: Poetry – Rain on the Windowpane

Please also include a short bio (max 50 words).

All submissions MUST be received by the 31st March 2014 (yes, this is a hard and fast deadline!)

Writing Submissions:

All writing submissions (short fiction/poetry/one act plays etc.) must be submitted as a .doc or .docx attachment, double spaced, Times New Roman, 12 point font.

We will accept 2 short story, creative non-fiction and one-act play submissions per author, with a maximum word count of 3,000 words for each piece.

We will accept up to 5 poetry submissions.

Each submission must be saved to a separate Word document and the file must be clearly named.

Art Submissions:

Art/Photography/Comic submissions must be sent as a high resolution .jpg attachment. The file must be clearly named. We will accept up to 3 artwork submissions per person.

Payment (or lack thereof)…

We at Silver Apples are very sorry, but at present we are not in a position to offer payment for works that we intend to publish, hopefully this will change in time as our magazine grows.

Copyright (aka The Legal Stuff)

The author, artist, photographer etc. retains copyright of his/her individual piece, however, Silver Apples Magazine has the right of first publication.

If your work is later published elsewhere, we would appreciate it if you would mention that it was previously published by Silver Apples Magazine (we want to get our name out there and let the world know the quality of our contributors)

Happy Submitting!

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