Monday, 14 April 2014


Launching in Autumn 2013 BLOOMSBURY SPARK'S outstanding list will feature multiple genres: romance, contemporary, dystopian, paranormal, sci-fi, mystery, thriller, and more. 

If you’re an author, Bloomsbury Spark is the premiere place to publish your work. 
Why? Because we are a hands-on, full-service publishing house We will publish you globally  but market you locally. We are not just interested in publishing your book; we want to help craft your career.

If you have a manuscript between 25 and 60k words long, then please send it to us at one of the following emails, along with a query, a brief biography, and links to your online presence:

For submissions in the United States and

For submissions in the United Kingdom, Europe and

For submissions in Australia:

For submissions in India:

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