Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Colony looking For Submissions

Theme: Trans

As before, they leave it up to submitters to interpret the theme as they will. However, we are particularly drawn to the Latin etymology of trans. Trans as crossing through, over, beyond – to the ‘other’ side. The many applications of this prefix in English speak to its power, to the ubiquity and necessity of movement in consciousness and concept, in body and locale, in action and identity.

Transcendence transgender translocation transformationtransubstantiation transgression transubjectivity transculturationtransference transgenre translation

We also recognise the unstable binaries trans implies. The murkiness of its directionality. Trans crosses over, beyond, through – but to where? Does trans suggest a necessarily straight line between two points – between only two genders, two cultures, two genres, two states (in both senses), two moralities, between bread and flesh? Can trans meander? Are origin and destination transients in themselves? Where are we exactly? And who? Transwriting, transmusic, transperformance.

Cross through the crossroads and refuse to dance. Transcribe the transmission and transfix us.

Open April 1
Closed May 15

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