Friday, 4 April 2014

The Traverse – Open Script Submission - Deadline 30th April 2014

The Traverse – Open Script Submission

Open Script Submissions allow us to become aware of writers we may not otherwise know, as well as encouraging submissions from those we have an existing relationship with.

To ensure an unbiased response to your script we have decided to read all scripts we receive through Open Submissions anonymously. So we ask that you remove your name and contact details from the script document and include them only in the submission form so only the Artistic and Associate Directors and our Artistic Administrator will have that information allowing our team of trained readers to focus solely on the writing.
Please check your play is clearly formatted, with page numbers, cast list and potential cast doubling noted before sending it to us.
We do not have the resources to read:
plays that have already been produced elsewhere,
musicals, adaptations, poems, novels or short stories, television, film or radio scripts.
We would also advise against sending us biographical stories or history plays as the first example of your work.
We are only able to accept one script per year from each writer.
We are not able to read redrafts.
At the moment we are only able to read plays from writers based in the Scotland, Wales, England, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. We have a number of ongoing relationships with international companies so if you live outside of the countries named we encourage you to make connections with your own countries leading new writing theatre so they can advocate on your behalf.
All submissions must be received through our online submissions service Submittable.

We receive hundreds of unsolicited scripts each year, but we are dedicated to providing a response to your play within 6 months and will endeavour to provide brief and hopefully useful feedback. This is of course optional, so if you would prefer not to receive feedback then please note this on the submission form.

Unfortunately, our resources do not allow us to provide feedback to writers that we will not be looking to continue a relationship with at this time. Our priority has to be generating work for the Traverse.

Finally we would like to acknowledge the bravery it takes to share your work with us and the time and effort it takes to write a play, whether we feel it’s suited to the Traverse or not.

Submitting Your Script

If you feel you are ready to send your script to the Traverse Theatre please visit our submissions manager Submittable:

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