Saturday, 26 April 2014

World City Stories World City Stories

"Your City, Your Story 3"

As a means of ensuring that visitors of their site have a veritable feast of imaginative choice, are running a competition for budding authors.

It is a chance for authors to display their talents on a platform to promote themselves and their creative abilities.

To enter, simply type up your story in your favorite text editing program, state what city it is set in and submit it via the 'submit your story' link. Stories should be less than 3500 words. Fonts should be 12 pt, 1.5 line spaced 'Times New Roman'. Please like us on Facebook to keep track of updates to this site.

This competition is open to everyone, regardless of location.

Due to the large volume of stories they receive, you will only be notified if your story has been uploaded to the site, as everyone involved in the reading and appreciation of these wonderful stories is doing so on a voluntary basis. We are people who are creating a really cool, creative and imaginative space for the people of the world to enjoy!

Below is a list of prizes for the winners of this competition:

First Prize: €100

Second Prize: €75

Third Prize: €50

Additional prizes

In addition to the above, a selection of entries will be published in an ebook which will be freely available (initially) from It will be free initially in order to generate a little interest. If it becomes something that is downloaded regularly then there will be a small charge for it and, upon successful sales, the authors included in it will be paid a royalty. All contributors to this site will get a free copy even if there comes a time that there is a small fee for downloading it.

As well as the above, all stories accepted for site publication will have the opportunity (if they wish) to write a short bio with an accompanying photo.

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