Wednesday 28 May 2014

China Daily will host the inaugural Youth Elite English Blog contest in May 2014 to July 2014

The theme of the competition

Contest theme is not limited. Majority of young people (aged 35 or below) in the form of the English elite need a blog to record their experience, thoughts and feelings. We will from time to time during the competition  provide topics for your reference.

The competition  time

First game: May 2014-July

How to Apply

Participants can apply directly through the entry channel top of the page, and then landing the official website of the China Daily Blog platform , registered user information, and the user name and real name sent by mail to: blog @

Competition requirements

a. Blog content can be in various forms, such as text, pictures, video etc. 

b.  Each participant requires a monthly contribution of at least four blog posts, and continued writing for three months in order to participate in the final selection.

The winner Selection

After the end date, the first to produce the readers voted the top ten candidates, followed by the China Daily, a senior expert team.

 first prize, second prize and third prize.
 Award prizes for the Kindle PW, 
second prize 120G mobile hard disk, 
third mobile power. 
The winners will receive a "China Daily celebrity blogger" certificate, and have the opportunity to become China Daily freelance writer.

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