Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Gardenshorts are looking for submission - DEADLINE - JUNE 15, 2014

Fifty Shades of Green will be a collection of sexy gardening-themed stories, to be published by Greenwoman Publishing this summer. 


We are looking for high quality, original stories for our latest project, Fifty Shades of Green. Please see our FIfty Shades of Green Page for information on the book and a few examples of stories that we have in the works. We are looking for stories that are fully-developed, with well-fashioned plots and highly memorable characters. The stories will all include sexuality, but this is secondary to an entertaining, engaging story. All stories must have some element of gardening.

This anthology will be published in the summer of 2014 in both print and digital formats. Some stories will also be published singly and digitally as well as in the collection.

Payment will be $100 per story, paid upon acceptance. We buy first North American rights, digital and print. You will also receive five free copies of the book your story appears in.
We are currently accepting stories from 1,200-6,000 words in the following genres, all of which MUST have a gardening twist: Romantic comedy, paranormal, gay, historical, futuristic/si-fi, fantasy, BDSM, action/adventure, ménage, time travel, thriller/suspense, urban fantasy, steampunk.

A complete manuscript is required at submission from all authors.

We do not accept any work that includes sexual taboos (incest, bestiality, necrophilia, etc.), sex between/with minors, rape or other violent or forced acts, or acts involving urine/feces. If you have questions on whether a subject is acceptable, ask first. We will try to answer emails within 72 hours.


Use 12 pt. font in either Times New Roman or Courier New.
Please use one inch margins, indent paragraphs, and use double spacing
Attach the manuscript to your email. We accept Word files only. (No other format will be opened.)
Include in the body of your email a brief bio including any past publications and a few lines describing your story.
Include your name and the story name on each manuscript page. Include your name in file name.
Include full name, pen name (if applicable), mailing address, and phone number in email.

Please submit full story as a Word attachment to:

Failure to properly format your manuscript will result in an automatic rejection.


Q. To whom do I submit my work?
A. To our editor, Elisabeth Kinsey. Again, please submit your full manuscript in Word format as an attachment to: using the above guidelines. In the subject line of your email write: "Submission Fifty Shades of Green/Your Title"

Q. Do you accept previously published work? Do you accept self-published work?
A. We will consider self-published and previously published work. If we accept a work that has been adapted to fit our guidelines from a previously published or self-published, we will pay half the payment only, or $50.

Q. How long does it take to hear back from you?
A. We will send replies to all submissions by June 30th, 2014.

Q. Will you protect my privacy if I choose to use a pen name?
A. Absolutely!

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