Monday, 12 May 2014

Islands magazine Looking for Submissions



ISLANDS is currently accepting queries for Travel Tales, Taste and Live the Life. If you have a pitch for one of these columns, email your idea to Include the name of the column you are pitching in the subject line. Please familiarize yourself with at least a year’s worth of issues before you submit. We welcome spec submissions for these departments.

We recommend that photographers who are new to us, no matter how experienced, start out by providing us with a stock list of island images in their existing archive and a link to their online portfolio. We’ll review those materials and keep them on file so that we may contact you should the need arise.

Keep in mind that while we appreciate the merit of many story and photography pitches that come our way, because of the volume of queries we receive we can only respond to those few that precisely meet our editorial mission. Thank you for your interest.

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