Tuesday 13 May 2014

Knowledge of Atlantis - Deadline August 1st, 2014.

Knowledge of Atlantis is Sponsoring a Writing Contest

The Subject Matter is a Historical Event

The contest rules are as follows:

Choose a specific historical event and write a short play about it. The purpose of the play is to teach your main character Atlas (write as if this character could be played by a male or female) about this significant event. The event could be a battle with a unique strategy, a war that changed the map, the invention of a medication, a significant life event of a significant person, the use of buttons throughout the ages, or even how a city you live in was founded. Tell the story of something important.

The main character of your play is Atlas. This does not mean that the story revolves around Atlas, but that Atlas must witness the story. Atlas should be involved in small ways and interact without changing the true story. The premise is that Atlas travelled back in time to watch history unfold.

You are allowed to make up characters for the flow of the piece and even a complete story if it is based on some truth. For instance if you were to choose the story of Three Mile Island. You might choose to have Atlas begin working at the facility. His/Her training might start with an informational video on how nuclear power works. You could even start earlier and have Atlas view the creation of nuclear power, then go forward in time to this facility to tour it and see the full process. Then as the tour finishes, before Atlas leaves, the meltdown begins and show how to react in a crises and tell the story of how that crises was handled. Anyone you add should be referred to by their job, title, or description and not a made up name.

Unlike a stage play your scenes need not be restricted to a small platform. It should be written as more of a screenplay so that it can be adapted for an interactive video game. Be specific about locations and always state where the scene takes place.

Since the story is based on history you will need to submit research as proof of what happened. This reference material should be submitted with your paper copy of the story. (Don't send full books.) Copies of specific pages is sufficient. Provide a reference sheet.

An electronic copy of the play and reference sheet must be received by Knowledge of Atlantis by July 4th, 2014. Number the references and then use comments to list the reference that supports statements or actions in the play so they can be easily verified.

The paper copy, signed contest form, reference sheet, and $1 entry fee must be received by August 1st, 2014.

Knowledge of Atlantis

PO Box 22066

Saint Paul, MN 55122


You must also follow Knowledge of Atlantis on LinkedIn or Facebook in order to qualify. This gives us a way of finding you without you having to provide your email address.


Vulgarity or inappropriate sexual acts in the play may disqualify it unless they are quotes or vital to the story.

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