Friday 23 May 2014

Little Bird Writing Contest - Final Wee k to Submit - Deadline May 31st , 2014.


Winner: $1000
First runner up: $250
Second runner up: $250
Bonus prize: Full scholarship to The Story Intensive (Scroll down for details!)
Publication: The three winning stories will appear in Little Bird Stories Vol IV.
The Submission Guidelines

1. Keep your story under 2,500 words, please.
2. Your story must incorporate one of my daily writing prompts or story dares.
3. On the first page of your submission, include the prompt that inspired the story.
4. Stories must be double-spaced and submitted as a .pdf or .doc file.
5. Your story must not have your name on it. Your name only goes on the submission form.
6. There is a $25 submission fee per story.
7. You may enter as many times as you like.
8. Contest closes May 31, 2014.
The Bonus Prize!

When you submit your story, your name is automatically entered in a draw to win a full scholarship to The Story Intensive this September. It’s a contest inside a contest! Each submission counts as a separate chance to win.


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