Friday, 23 May 2014

PhotoFiction 2014 PRIZE - Deadline: Friday 1 Aug 2014

Welcome to PhotoFictions 2014 – a creative writing competition open to any young person (13 to 24) from Yorkshire, England.

You are asked to write a short piece sparked by one of twenty thought-provoking photos. It could be a poem, flash-fiction, a piece of dialogue, a ‘snap-shot’ or excerpt from a bigger story, a monologue, song lyrics, a script, anything goes.

It could be comical, creepy, dark, sad, cynical, tender, silly, surreal, cryptic, curious, cliff-hanging, secretive, exciting, weird, you name it, we want it! Check out our tips on how to get started  here.

As well as a fantastic selection of photos to inspire you, you’ll find ideas and tips to make your writing the best it can be. Don’t shy away if you don’t feel you’re the best writer in the world or your spelling isn’t amazing, just give yourself time to do justice to a great idea and read our tips carefully. Links to the photos can be really obvious or just provide the spark!

For more information and to send your work

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