Monday, 12 May 2014


SCARLET GALLEON PUBLICATIONS is an independently owned and operated micro publisher specializing in horror, suspense, and mystery fiction. It is our mission here at SGP, to publish the highest quality genre fiction possible.

To that end, Scarlet Galleon Publications is NOW OPEN for short story submissions for our inaugural publishing effort: an anthology of horror and dark fiction stories titled DEAD HARVEST - A Collection of Dark Tales, which will be published in the 'season of harvest,' September (2014).

We are leaving this premier anthology open-concept in terms of story content and theme, however (given the title), we would naturally be very excited to receive stories with an 'autumnal,' 'harvest,' or 'agricultural' feel to them. This is by no means a mandate or requirement for consideration. Please note, however, we are not looking for Halloween-themed stories, as this anthology is set a bit earlier on the calendar. In a way, we are looking for DEAD HARVEST to be a nice 'lead in' to that time of year so many of us love . . . and anxiously wait for . . . Hallow's Eve or Halloween.

We ask those interested in being a DEAD HARVEST contributor, to please visit our submissions page here on our website for details and guidelines around the Scarlet Galleon Publications submission process.

Hopefully this teaser image will give you a taste of what we're looking for, and put you in the mood to write a dark, chilling tale to be considered for our premier anthology. Just think: brittle autumn leaves crunching underfoot . . . the smell of wood-burning stoves lacing the brisk evening air with inviting aromas . . . and long shadows causing your hearts, and pace, to quicken, as you race to get indoors . . . where things are warm and safe.

Scarlet Galleon Publications is proud to announce its inaugural horror/dark fiction anthology CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS.
We invite you to submit a story for consideration! Original stories only, please. NO duplicate or simultaneous submissions will be accepted. (Exceptions may be made at the discretion of Scarlet Galleon Publications, in the case of stories solicited from select authors prior to this Open Call.)
Publication Date: September 23, 2014 (Autumnal Equinox - the first day of the official Season of Harvest).
General Submission Guidelines for DEAD HARVEST - A Collection of Dark Tales
Project Title: DEAD HARVEST - A Collection of Dark Tales.
Subject/Theme: Open concept horror/dark fiction stories. Appx. 4,000 - 9,000 words.  If your story consists of a 'harvest,' 'autumnal,' or 'agricultural' theme, great, but need not to be considered.  
Manuscript Format: 12 pt Times New Roman; double-spaced; formatted tabs with 0.3 auto indent; pages numbered; your name/contact information/story title/approximate word count at the beginning of your title page.  Submissions preferred in DOC or DOCX format. (The important part is that we can open it.)
It is expected that submissions will be proofread prior to being sent in for consideration. Submissions with excessive incorrect grammar, misspellings, or formatting issues may be excluded from the review process. ALL submissions that are accepted for publication in DEAD HARVEST - A Collection of Dark Tales, should be open to minor editorial corrections as needed. Stories needing more than minor edits, but meritorious for their originality and content, will be discussed with the contributor prior to exclusion, in hopes of reaching an end amenable to both contributor and editor. Scarlet Galleon Publications reserves the right to pass on a submission should such and end not be possible for whatever reason.     
Response Time: After all submissions have been received and reviewed, submitting authors will receive written notice of whether or not their submissions have been accepted for inclusion in DEAD HARVEST - A Collection of Dark Tales. Upon acceptance, contributors will receive a contract and bio form, to be signed/filled out, and sent back to Scarlet Galleon Publications.
Payment: If your story is selected for publication, payment will include $25.00 USD (within 30 days of contract signing) and one (1) print edition of DEAD HARVEST - A Collection of Dark Tales, (within 90 days of publication). Additional copies will be available for purchase by all anthology contributors at a discounted rate, to be dertermined upon publication. 
Scarlet Galleon Publications will retain first time / one time worldwide publication rights for a period of (6) six months from the date of publication.
Submissions (and all inquires) must be sent directly to Scarlet Galleon Publications (as an email attachment) to the email address below:
In your email please include your full name, title of the work you're submitting, and the final word count of your manuscript, and your mailing address.
PLEASE NOTE: ANY submissions or inquiries sent anywhere other than to the email address provided above will not be reviewed, as this is the only "official" submissions portal checked daily by Scarlet Galleon Publications.  
We thank you for your interest in DEAD HARVEST - A Collection of Dark Tales, and in Scarlet Galleon Publications, as a potential home for your work. We look forward to reviewing your submissions, and wish you all the best of luck! 
Warmest regards,
Mark Parker, Owner/Publisher
Scarlet Galleon Publications

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