Friday 16 May 2014

The Lifted Brow - Deadline 23rd May 2014.


The Lifted Brow Digital Edition, a fortnightly magazine for iOS devices, is now accepting pitches for non-fiction pieces, and also submissions of poetry!

Non-fiction pitches can either be for essays and longform work (2000+ words), or shorter commentary pieces (à la columns, lists, criticism, a review of that time you explored the sewers; you know the drill). Please send no more than two pitches of each form.

For poetry, please send no more than 100 lines. All forms are welcome.

We classify short prose as any kind of prosaic writing that is 400 words or less. Think: Flash fiction, flash non-fiction, tiny memoirs, SMS stories, etcetera. Please send no more than two pieces of short prose.

If you’re looking for a brain spark, here are some of our upcoming themes for 2014:

We’re also particularly excited about digitally inclined work, as in anything that delves into the new or unknown, whether through content or form, using the technology of screen-reading. You want to write about how print books smell good, or about Shakespeare’s early work, or about ex-girlfriends? No thanks! You want to write about generative ebook art, Shakespeare bots, or how your ex-girlfriend created an app that turns barcodes into poems? Hello friend! (You get the idea. We’re a digital publishing platform – take advantage of us.)

Please send your pitches, full pieces, and poetry to:

Submissions close 23rd May 2014.

We pay our contributors! Rates are available here.

(Are you here by mistake, actually looking for our Ego Issue callout?).

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