Sunday 25 May 2014

The Poisoned Pencil is currently open to submissions.

To submit a manuscript to The Poisoned Pencil, read their introduction below and then click the link labeled submit. They use an on-line submissions manager for all submissions (submittable), whether from author or agent.

The submissions manager  helps them to track each manuscript that they receive. Which in turn increases efficiency  and allows writers to check on the status of  their submission at any time. Lost manuscripts are also less likely. They endeavour to respond to submissions in the order they are received, regardless of whether or not an author is agented. They do require exclusivity, but  will also read your full manuscript and reply relatively quickly. Their response time is currently running at around  four to six weeks.

After submitting a manuscript, please wait to hear from them before submitting again. They will only process one submission per author at a time. Once they review a manuscript, they won’t consider that manuscript again unless you have been given the go-ahead to resubmit by the editor.

Please read their submissions guidelines carefully. In particular, please include a detailed synopsis, one that gives the full plot of your book, including the solution to the mystery. They ask everyone, even those who have submitted young adult mystery books before, to read and comply with their current submission guidelines for authors.


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