Tuesday 17 June 2014

2014 X.J. Kennedy Poetry Prize - Deadline 15th July 2014

$20.00 USD


•Poetry manuscripts up to 100 double-spaced pages handled as blind submissions at all levels of judging.

•All manuscripts must be submitted with a cover sheet that contains full contact information of the author, an author bio sketch, the title of the manuscript, and a manuscript number, which will accompany it throughout the process. This number will be the last four digits of the author’s SSN, preceded by the letter K. The manuscript itself must have the same identifying manuscript number used on the cover sheet in the upper right-hand corner of the first page, which must also bear the title of the work. Author’s name must not appear on any page of manuscript.

•A reading fee of $20 must accompany each manuscript.

•Winning manuscripts will be published the year after acceptance.

•Winners will receive 50 free copies of their books.

•Initial judging by a network of published writers.

•Final ranking by established American writers.

•Winner will be announced on TRP web site.

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Website Here

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