Monday 16 June 2014

Disney-ABC Television Writing Program

$50,000.00 Salary


Applicants must be able to legally work in the United States and be at least 21 years of age. Television production experience is not required, but strongly recommended. Past participants who entered the program with television production experience (e.g. writers’ assistant, script coordinator, etc…) have found that knowledge helpful in establishing a writing career. Those applying must submit a completed application and the following.

1) An original pilot script that captures the writer’s unique tone, style and point of view.
2) A spec script for a live-action cable, broadcast or streaming-service (e.g. Netflix, Amazon, etc…) series airing during the current television season. Applicants are encouraged to select a series that is well-established in at least its second season. The spec script should demonstrate the writer’s ability to adapt to an existing format while at the same time infusing a unique point of view and sensibility.

Material should tonally translate to the type of programming broadcast on DATG series. Both samples must be live-action content. Animation samples of any form are
not accepted.

3) Completed application and signed release forms for each script.
4) Résumé outlining chronological salaried employment (may include entertainment and
non-entertainment positions). Only list jobs or positions where compensation was received with the exception of entertainment industry internships and full-time volunteer work at non-profits. Positions must have been held within the past 10 years (two pages or less).
5) Biography reflecting the applicant’s unique life experiences and personal stories (500 words
or less).
6) Letters of recommendation (optional) from entertainment industry professionals who have read the applicant’s material and can comment on the applicant’s ability. Letters from representation (e.g. agents, managers or attorneys) will not be accepted. Letters must be on letterhead and dated in the current calendar year. It is recommended that those signing recommendation letters include either a title or a brief introduction indicating their position or status. A maximum of two (2) recommendation letter(s) are strongly encouraged, but are not mandatory.

APPLICATIONS. Submission envelopes should only contain the above listed items.
Submissions received without elements 1-5 will be disqualified and destroyed.


The annual submission period for the Writing Program opens during the month of May. Specific dates vary year to year. Follow us on Facebook to receive updates and alerts about the submission period.


Visit this website during the submission period to obtain the application and instructions. The application is only available during the open submission period.Applications will not be accepted prior to the submission period opening date and submissions MUST be postmarked no later than 11:59 pm on the designated deadline date. You are not required to send your application
via registered mail or through a courier service, however it is recommended for tracking purposes to ensure proof of delivery. Due to the high volume of submissions received, we are unable to confirm receipt of any
application submitted.


Due to the volume of submissions received, those not accepted will not be notified. Please check our Facebook page for announcements regarding individuals selected to join the Writing Program. Typically finalists are announced in November and selected program writers are announced in December.[ Enter screenwriting competition ]

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