Thursday 26 June 2014

Molotov Cocktail Flash Monster Contest - Deadline July 31, 2014.

$200 for Flash Monster winner

$50 for runner-up

$25 for second runner-up

Submit here: Flash Monster contest submission

Follow these guidelines, and you could have some extra coin in your pocket, and some bragging rights as the first ever Flash Monster winner:

- All submissions must be under 1,000 words, and honestly we’d prefer closer to 750.

- Please paste your submission into the corresponding field. Do not list your name anywhere in your submission.

- All contest submissions will be read blind, so we won’t be playing favorites.

- Costs $6 to enter, because, you know, we’ve got to fund the prize money somehow. (No refunds.)

- Flash fiction must be previously unpublished work, and you will retain copyright.

- No limit on how many entries you can submit, but you must submit them one at a time.

- We reserve the right to extend deadlines if necessary.

- Contest submissions accepted until July 31, 2014. Winners announced by September 1st.

- And, most importantly, this is a FLASH MONSTER contest, therefore you must include some sort of monster in your story. However, the definition of “monster” is open to interpretation. That means a monster can be almost anything your imagination can come up with.

More Information can be found here.

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