Tuesday 1 July 2014

Call for Submissions: “Vacancies,” Heavy Feather Review Double-Issue. Deadline: July 15th.

“Vacancies,” Heavy Feather Review Double-Issue

Vacancies is our summer 2014 double-issue, and we are now accepting submissions. In “An Abandoned Factory, Detroit,” Phillip Levine frames vacancy as “… the loss of … power, / Experienced and slow, the loss of years, / The gradual decay of dignity …” It cultivates peoples, nations, and ideas, and can swiftly strip senators and masked vigilantes of their supposed powers. It loiters at crime scenes and stinks up family reunions. Here’s an anthology where you become the architect of reason and fabricate an ocean of experience, only to ravage it: “I wanted the whole world or nothing” (Charles Bukowski, Post Office). The bicycle mechanic when she is not fixing, the tropical fish store owner who opens each morning to find another proud school deceased, your fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, drama, what-have-you explores the dimly lit corners of the unoccupied, unassuming, or idle.

Submit via Submittable (category: “Vacancies”). We only accept three to six poems. There will be no chapbook contest this issue (it will return with volume four) and there are no guidelines otherwise for fiction, creative nonfiction, drama, etc. The deadline for Vacancies consideration is July 15, 2014. Questions?

  E-mail the editors here.
Past HFR Contributors include: Erin Case, Cynthia Marie Hoffman, Jen Michalski, Jim Redmond, Ron Rege, Jr., Ben Segal, Jessica Alexander, Ace Boggess, Michael Chaney, Ryder Collins, Tim Kahl, W. Todd Kaneko, Andy Kehoe, Stefan Kiesbye, Nate Marshall, Eric Neuenfeldt, Randall Brown, Dan Chelotti, Carol Guess, Trent England, Laura Ellen Scott, Anne Valente, Amanda Goldblatt, francine j. harris, Andrea Kneeland, Alex Myers, Natalie Shapero, Joshua Ware, Brandi Wells, Dave Housley, Jamie Iredell, Joshua Kornreich, Amy Lawless, Robert Lopez, F. Daniel Rzicznek, Hannah Stephenson, Mathias Svalina, Chloe Caldwell, Karen Craigo, Elizabeth Ellen, Roxane Gay, John Dermot Woods, and many more.

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