Sunday, 27 July 2014

Jon Snow - What A Reporter Should Be Like - May cause distress so watch with care.

Apologies if this offends anyone but I feel the need to post this. It has nothing to do with writing or competitions but I do believe the world needs to  take a look at itself. Shame on anyone who stands back and watches this happen and doesn't speak out. This is nothing to do with my political views but more to do with my views as a human being. Although, I do have my own political view on this. This is cruelty and genocide. I'm afraid I have to post this. Innocent children are being murdered in the name of self defense. This is the first bit of real reporting on the terrible crisis in Gaza. Jon Snow I salute you. Please share this with anyone who deems themselves: to be human or compassionate in anyway. This should not be allowed to continue. Any person that stands back and does nothing or says nothing is as culpable as the perpetrators. Let your voice be heard do not let this indiscriminate killing continue. Speak out now, share this or re-tweet it.

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