Thursday 7 August 2014

€20,000 Flash Fiction Prize

 César Egido Serrano Foundation Flash Fiction Contest

César Egido Serrano Foundation and the Spanish ‘Museum of Words’ have opened their ‘microfiction’ competition, closing date November 23rd 2014. Write a 100 word story you could win a prize of $20,000 – and second prize is $2,000!

Open to international writers, entries can be submitted in English, Spanish, Arabic or Hebrew.

Entries must be sent exclusively by filling in the entry form that can be found on the website.

All stories entered must be original, unpublished in all means (paper, electronic publications, network…) and have not been awarded in any other contest. Check out the website for the full details.

As one of the objectives of the organising César Egido Serrano Foundation is the value of the word and dialogue as a tool for uniting peoples, so the slogan of this contest isMandela: Words and Concord. However the rules state that your story can be on any subject.

A first prize of $20,000 will be awarded to the winning story. The three remaining finalist stories in the remaining language categories will receive a $2000 runner up prize each.

Click here for the entry form.

Last year, with 22.571 entries received from 119 countries, 36 finalists stories were selected by a technical jury composed of 20 professors and literature teachers, and then the winner was chosen by an international jury of:

His Excellency, Ambassador of France Mr. Jérôme Bonnafont

His Excellency, Ambassador of Italia Mr. Pietro Sebastiani

His Excellency Ambassador of Russia Mr. Dmitry Sokolov

His Excellency Ambassador of Japan Mr. Satoru Satoh

His Excellency, Ambassador of Brasil Mr. Paulo Cesar de Oliveira Campos

His Excellency Ambassador of Austria Mr. Rudolf Lennkh

Her Excellency Ambassador of Sweden Mrs. Cecilia Julin

His Excellency Ambassador of Uruguay Mr. Francisco Bustillo Bonaso

His Excellency Ambassador of Greece Mr. Franciscos Verros

His Excellency Ambassador of Honduras Mr. Norman García Paz

His Excellency Ambassador of Portugal Mr. Tadeu Soares

Her Excellency Ambassador of Ecuador, Mrs. Aminta Buenaño Rugel

His Excellency Ambassador of Jordan Mr. Ghassan Almajali

His Excellency Ambassador of Oman Mr. Hilal Bin Marhoon salim Al Maamari

His Excellency, Ambassador of Monaco Mr. Patrick Van klaveren

His Excellency Ambassador of Croacia Mr. Neven Pelicaric´

His Excellency Ambassador of Slovakia Mr. Jan Skoda

His Excellency Ambassador of Bulgaria Mr. Kostadin Kodchabachev

His Excellency Ambassador of Cyprus Mr. Antonis Toumazis

His Excellency Ambassador of the Netherlands Mr. Cornelis Van Rij

His Excellency Mr. Marcial Marín Hellín, Minister of Education, Culture and Sports of Castilla la Mancha´s region.

His Excellency Mr. Fernando Jou, Castilla la Mancha´s Government Delegate.

Last year’s prizes went to:

First Prize with $20,000, awarded to Mr. Armando Macchia, from Argentina, for the story “The Sniper”.

Runner up Prize with $2,000, in English language category, granted to Mr. Daniel Moreau, from Chicago, United States, for the story “The Old Patient”.

Runner up Prize with $2,000, in Arabic language, granted to Mr. Tarek Emam, from Cairo, Egypt, for the story “One eye”.

Runner up Prize with $2,000, in Hebrew language, awarded to Yinon Tal, native of Israel, for the story ‘Freedom’.

read the winning entries here.

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