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Eber and Wein Poetry Contest 


Mail your entries to:
Poetry Contest
1501 Broadway
12th Floor Z
New York, NY 10036

Official Contest Rules

Sponsor: Eber & Wein Publishing, a publishing service provider.
Contest: The poetry contest is held three times per year. Contest dates are January 1 - June 30, and July 1 - December 31.
Prizes: Each contest is awarded one first place prize of $2,000.00 and a first place wall plaque ($100.00 value). Twenty second place prizes of $100.00 each and a second place wall plaque ($75.00 value). One hundred third place winners of a third place wall plaque ($75.00 value). Sixty to seventy percent of all entries become semi-finalists and receive a certificate of participation suitable for framing.
Eligibility: The contest is open to anyone who writes poetry. Poetry can be written in any poetic style and on any subject. Only one poem per person is allowed. Contest entries must be 26 lines or fewer and cannot exceed 70 characters per line. Any submission that exceed these limits will be automatically disqualified - 

Judging Process: Contest entries are judged based on poetic technique, effectiveness, style, and creativity.
Editorial Comment: Contest entries that adhere to all contest rules will receive a brief editorial comment on their poem. The comment will be included on the Author's Proof.
Publication: Contestants who reach the semi-finalist stage of the contest may also be selected to be featured in a poetry anthology. Even poems disqualified from the contest may still be eligible for publication. There is no purchase required to be included in this anthology. There will be no royalties paid to contributers of anthologies. There is a contributer's discount of $20.00 for pre-publication orders. We only publish one poem per household per anthology. We reserve the right not to publish a poem for any reason.
Copyright: All publications are copyrighted with the U.S. Library of Congress as compilations. All individual poetry remains the property of the author.

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