Thursday 6 November 2014

Moovine Short Story Competition

Short Story Competition

To celebrate the launch of Moozvine, we are holding our first Short Story Competition.
$1000 First Prize
$500 Second Prize

The winner will be the short story (less than 7000 words) successfully released through Moozvine before 31st December 2014 that has collected the largest amount in contributions on that date.

The winners will receive the prize money before 7th January 2014. The winners and all other participants who successfully crowd-funded their story will receive all other money collected from the pledges in the usual way.

How To Enter

Go to and create an account.
Connect a PayPal account to your Moozvine account by clicking the PayPal button on the account page. (In the pop-up window you can create a new PayPal account if you do not already have one.)
Go to the publish page and upload your short story in either .epub or .pdf format.
Specify a release threshold and a funding period of 30 days (so that the funding period completes before 31st December 2014).
Add a cover image, summary text, and any other material that can help to promote your story (e.g. a YouTube video).
Hit the Publish button and complete the confirmation dialogue.
Promote your story on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. Encourage as many people as you can to support your story.

Competition Rules & Closing Date

The competition will close on 31st December, 2014 at 00:00 UTC. Only publications which successfully complete their funding before this instant are eligible. Any funds collected after this instant will not be counted when calculating the winning publications.

Because the minimum funding duration is 30 days, this means that to be entered into the competition, the story must start funding on or before 1st December, 2014. Publications entered after this date will not be eligible for this competition because their funding end date will be after the competition's closing date.

Qualifying Publications

To qualify, a publication must:
Be any .epub or .pdf work uploaded to Moozvine with a word length (as calculated by Moozvine) of between 1,000 and 7,000 words. After uploading a .epub or .pdf, when entering additional information about the publication, Moozvine displays the calculated word length.
And, the funding period ends successfully before the closing date.


In the event of a tie (exactly the same amount of contributions being collected for two or more publications), the wining publication will be the publication that completed earlier.
Winnings Payment

The winnings will be paid into the winners' PayPal accounts on or before 7th January, 2015.
Publication Contributions

All pledges that are successfully collected will be paid in exactly the same way as for non-competition publications. That is, the winners will receive all normal contributions plus the prize money. Non-winning publications will receive all normal contributions.

Only payments collected before the competition closing date will be counted when determining the winner. Because collecting payments can take some time, it is highly recommended that competitions submit their entries as early as possible to allow the maximum amount of time to collect the payments.


As with any work published through Moozvine, the work must be original and you must have the necessary rights to release the work.

As per Moozvine's normal site rules, if any publication is found to be in violation of this, it will result in immediate disqualification, removal of the publication from the site, and the banning of the creator.

The work can be in any genre or style. It can be fiction, non-fiction, or anything in between. Surprise us!

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