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Albert Camus Prize For Fiction Deadline: February 1, 2015 #writy #Short #Fiction #contest #Competition

The Albert Camus Award for Short Fiction 

The Albert Camus Award for Short Fiction was created to champion writers whose short fiction explores and challenges the notion of human being in the twenty-first century. Fiction which achieves this distinction will be devoid of influences such as Political Correctness and the solipsism that taints much short fiction composed under the auspices of postmodernity. The award will be given to those writers whose fiction strips away the conceits of being human in an attempt to clear the way for human being.

The top three selections/honorable mention will be announced in March, 2015 and published in Red Savina Review’s spring issue (2015). Date to be determined.

First prize $300

Second prize $100

Third prize $50

One Honorable mention Mention plus publication in Red Savina Review’sSpring Issue (Online)
Writers may submit one or more entries. However, entrants must pay for each entry. Reading fees are non-refundable.
Red Savina Review follows Clmp contest guidelines.
Red Savina Review contains adult reading material. Therefore, you must be 18 years or older to submit to the contest.
Submit previously unpublished stories (word count: 5,000 words or less) via SUBMITTABLE only. No email or snail mail submissions are permitted.
Please include name, address, email and phone number on the first page; and page numbers and title in the running footer. Use 12-point font, double-space, Times New Roman. Submit in DocX or RTF format. Must be in English language.
Writers previously published in Red Savina Review are welcome to submit.
Staff members and/or any writer who is personally associated with Red Savina Review’s editors and/or guest editor may not submit to the contest.
Simultaneous submissions are welcome. Please withdraw from contest immediately if accepted elsewhere.
All submissions will be considered for publication in Red Savina Review’s spring issue (online, 2015). If accepted for publication, Red Savina Review reserves the right to edit.
Top three winners’ stories will be published in Red Savina Review’s spring issue (online, 2015). First place receives $300.00; second $100.00; third $50.00.
Honorable mention receives mention plus publication in Red Savina Review’s spring issue (online, 2015).
Results will be posted on our website.
SUBMIT your work! Click the button below (Opens Oct. 1st):

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