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Short Story Sunday Thanks To Lynne

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What is Short Story Sunday?

A new home for short stories and flash fiction online.

Launched in November 2014, is a new ’boutique’ experience for readers, authors, agents and publishers interested in reading and contributing world-class short stories

Why Short Story Sunday?

Have you noticed how people are so busy working, looking after their families or just generally busy being busy, that no-one has much time for relaxing these days?

We wanted to create an experience for the reader so that every Sunday they can take half an hour and visit Short Story Sunday with a cup of tea and read through that week’s story on their mobile, tablet or desktop either at home, at a coffee shop or on their lunch break.

To ensure we have the best stories we put together an editorial panel with an eye for a good story to pick the most interesting and original stories for our readers each Sunday.

Yes, it’s a different way of doing things but judging from the initial response and signups to our Short Story Sunday Club, it looks like people will like it.

Where is Short Story Sunday Based?

In the UK, however we work with authors, publishers and agents from around the globe. Our registered company information/contact details can be found in the ‘About’section.

We want your Story!

If you are published or unpublished and have a Short Story or piece of Flash Fiction to contribute please submit the finished article as soon as possible to submissions [at] ensuring you include your contact details as we will be in touch with you if your piece is going to be published.

Contributor Guidelines

Short Stories can be written for adults or children, should be no more than 3,500 words in length and submitted by email as a Word or PDF attachment along with a brief Author Bio at the end of the story.

Flash Fiction contributions should be 500-1000 words.

As contributions are considered by an editorial panel rather than an individual, they need to be easily distributed by email. As a result are we unable to accept printed submissions by post.

Multiple submissions of up to three stories are encouraged as long as you include each story as a separate document.

If we are interested in publishing your short story/flash fiction writing we will be in touch within 90 days from the date of your submission.

Genres We Publish

We are open to most genres as long as they tell a well-crafted story.

We will be publishing Commercial, Young Adult and Children’s Fiction both in Short Story and Flash Fiction format in the following genres:
Science Fiction which features humans as the main characters (‘aliens’ and other life forms can be referenced but not as the main characters).

No Specific Genre Required

We also welcome anything which doesn’t fit the above as long as it is centred on a strong character in an interesting setting.

Please don’t worry about what ‘genre’ your story fits into as we are just interested in the quality of your story; original stories which don’t fit a standard ‘genre box’ are encouraged.

Excluded Genres

Whilst we are comfortable with publishing innovative and original ‘dark’ stories, we are aiming to create an enjoyable, relaxing ‘Sunday afternoon’ experience for our readers and encourage original, uplifting, humorous and thought-provoking stories in addition to those with ‘gritty’ themes.

We understand this is a subjective area so to help provide some clarity we will not be publishing stories which contain any of the following themes:
Suicide of the main character
A story centred on emotional/physical violence against a child
A story centred on the main character’s battle with a physical or mental illness which has not been balanced with uplifting/inspirational or otherwise ‘lighter’ elements.
A story centred around extreme violence
A story with any graphic sexual references
Any kind of erotic fiction

We do encourage stories with ‘dark’ themes as long as they are original and have a careful balance of both dark and light elements; a talented writer can make a reader both laugh and cry with a turn of the page.

Profanity Policy: You can include profanity as long as you accept we will almost certainly edit any offensive words – or ask you to.

Festive Contributions Wanted!

If you have a festive-themed story we would love to see it. We are particularly interested in the following:
‘Uplifting’ Christmas Story
‘Alternative’ Christmas Story
‘Dark’ Christmas Story
‘New Year’ Story


We politely request that you don’t publish or distribute your contribution to any other outlets whilst we are considering your submission as we are only interested in previously unpublished contributions.

If we publish your story we request an additional 90 day exclusivity from the date of publishing before you distribute your story elsewhere.

No Submission Fees

We are aware that many outlets charge authors for submitting their stories for consideration for these types of features.

As a policy, Short Story Sunday will never charge authors for submissions.

We also not be charging readers. We will be making the stories available for our readers free of charge to ensure the widest audience possible for the stories.

Author Rewards

As the site grows we are aiming to offer a reader voting system with cash/gift prizes awarded to the author who writes the ‘Story of the Month’.

Put Your Work In Front Of Publishers/Agents

We are currently working closely with publishers and literary agents whilst co-ordinating submissions from internationally-published authors and this site will promote stories from both published and unpublished authors.

As a result unpublished authors can expect that their work will be viewed by both publishers and literary agents and we will be working with authors we publish to provide Q&A’s and interesting content for their author bio’s to provide more of a background to their work and encourage communication between any interested publishers/agents.

We just ask that you let us know if you get picked up by a publisher/agent after appearing on Short Story Sunday!


Authors retain all copyright to their work.

We will only republish your story on this site or as the ‘Exclusive Story’ in our free monthly ‘Short Story Sunday Club’ newsletter (which will be launching in early 2015).

We will not be re-publishing your story for sale in any form of ‘book’, ‘e-book’ or ‘compendium’ unless we enter into a partnership with a book publisher in which case licensing rights/fees will be discussed with you at that time.

Read our Terms, Conditions & Privacy Policy.

Short Story Sunday Club Launch

Join our mailing list here to be notified of the launch of the Short Story Sunday Club in early 2015.

Get in Touch

The very talented and extremely organised Nicola Carter has now joined the team as Editorial Assistant and will be liaising with agents, publishers and authors and helping to co-ordinate submissions.

If you are an agent, publisher or author and have any questions about a submission please get in touch at enquiries [at] and either Nicola or another member of the team will respond.

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