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The Scotland Short Play Award - Cumbernauld Theatre - Deadline: 16 January 2015 at 17:00 #writing #contests #plays

The Scotland Short Play Award

Cumbernauld Theatre announces the launch of the inaugural Scotland Short Play Award for 2015, a professional writing development award designed to engage both first-time and experienced writers across all literary forms to engage with writing for contemporary Theatre and Performance.

Cumbernauld Theatre welcomes submissions of new short plays (up to 15 minutes) from writers from all literary backgrounds and at all stages of their professional careers - whether you are a first time writer or have had worked produced internationally; whether you currently write fiction, novels, poems or films – the Award encourages submissions from playwrights and from writers who currently work in other literary forms and who may not yet have had the opportunity to engage with Theatre and Performance.

Short stories, radio plays and short-film projects have had significant success in the development of new and original writing while simultaneously encouraging new and diverse perspectives and voices both in print and on screen/on-line – yet despite its popularity with artists and audiences, it's a format that remains under explored in theatre/performance.

The Scotland Short Play Award encourages contemporary writing for Theatre/Performance and actively encourages risk and innovation in play-writing and performance writing forms, storytelling and theatre structure.

At its simplest and most powerful all performance explores our shared experience as human beings and contemporary writers continue to discover new ways by which this can be brought to the stage. The act of communicating is the principle act at the heart of all performance, and within this, writing and the spoken word have the prime role - though rightly this statement continues to be contested by new generations of theatre makers working in visual performance.

So it doesn’t matter if your script conforms to the rules, breaks the rules or doesn’t know what the rules are and frankly couldn’t give a damn about them…we'd like to read it.

To be eligible writers must be 18+ and ordinarily resident in Scotland and it is open to submissions from student writers who are in their final year of an undergraduate course or who are engaged in Post-Graduate study.

Full Award details on the submission process can be found at the Cumbernauld Theatre website along with other eligibility conditions.

A date for the diary: Submissions should be received by Friday 16th January 2015.

Location: All Scotland

For further information, please contact (Jean Cairns), or call 01236737235, or visit

The deadline is Friday 16 January 2015 at 17:00.

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