Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Vicky Metcalf Award for Literature for Young People

Vicky Metcalf Award

Winner: $20,000

Prize Guidelines

The competition is limited to works written by Canadian citizens or permanent residents. Eligible authors published with a non-Canadian publisher will not be excluded. All eligible writers are considered. An independent jury selects the winner, and there is no submission process. This prize is worth $20,000.

Eligibility Criteria
Eligible authors must have published at least four English-language books available in Canada classified as children’s literature in the categories of children’s fiction, non-fiction, picture book, poetry, or any combination of the four.
At least one of these titles must have appeared as a first-edition book during the last three years.
Translations from other languages into English are eligible. At least four of an author’s titles must be available in Canada in English translation with one of these appearing in the last three years. (In the event of a translation winning the award, the money will be divided between author and translator at the discretion of the jury.)
Normally the prize jury will not award the prize to an earlier recipient, but if the jury feels it is warranted, a previous winner may be eligible provided they meet the aforementioned criteria and the following:
A period of fifteen years has passed since they previously won the award;
In that fifteen year period they have published at least four first-edition titles classified as children’s literature;
In the opinion of the jury their body of work has demonstrated a marked improvement in literary excellence since they previously won the award. (The basis for evaluating previous winners will be the body of work produced since they received the award.)
The winner must not be deceased at the time of the jurors’ final selection.

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