Friday 29 May 2015

HeadStuff seeking submissions for PoetryStuff #Poetry #Submissions is inviting poetry submissions for its poetry section - PoetryStuff:

We want to make people that don’t like poetry – like it. We want to make people that like poetry - love it. We don’t want to be inclusive. Which doesn’t mean anything goes, it just means we are open to everything. If it’s excellent, it’s excellent and we will publish it. So in a small sentence that would be: We want to make poetry accessible.

Things you can submit:

- Articles about poetry or related to Poetry (500-700 words aprox – but we will accept both longer and shorter articles if they are particularly excellent)
- Poems (All kinds, in all sorts of forms.)

What we would rather not see:

- Ignorance, misogyny, rape-y writing, homophobia, boring things, academic essays (It is my firm belief that there are already enough outlets for all of these).

If you want to submit:

Email Alvy at

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