Sunday 24 May 2015

INK & INSIGHTS 2015 WRITING CONTEST : June 30 2015 #Writing #contests#competitions


This year we are trying something new.

We have broken the contest up into three categories.


Prizes are better tailored to the needs of the writers in each group.
Judges are assigned based on the genre and experience level of the manuscript.
Writers compete against peers in their own personal writing level.

-The Apprentice category is for new novelists who are learning the craft and want to know how they are doing and how to improve.

-The Master category is for seasoned writers who have published or are ready to publish, or who have written several novels and have a firm understanding of all the nuances of novel writing.

-The Nonfiction category is for all of those memoirs, biographies, and any other manuscripts that are not fiction. This is a small category, so prizes will not be as grand as the other categories until we can build up its popularity.

Click here to see the contest FAQ.

Click here to see 2014 contest testimonials.

Click here to see previous contest winners.

Click here for contest info and submission guidelines.

Regular entry March 1 - May 31 Fee: $35

Late entry June 1- June 30 Fee: $40

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