Thursday 21 May 2015


Percival Everett

Finding Billy White Feather, Virginia Quarterly Review

Lydia Davis

The Seals, The Paris Review

Lionel Shriver

Kilifi Creek, The New Yorker

Manuel Muñoz

The Happiest Girl in the Whole USA, Glimmer Train

Russell Banks

A Permanent Member of the Family, Conjunctions

Dina Nayeri

A Ride Out of Phrao, Alaska Quarterly Review

Emily Ruskovich

Owl, One Story

Becky Hagenston

The Upside-Down World, Subtropics

Lynn Freed

The Way Things Are Going, Harper’s

Brenda Peynado

The History of Happiness, Cimarron Review

Naira Kuzmich

The Kingsley Drive Chorus, Salamander

Emma Torzs

Word of Mouth, The Three Penny Review

Christopher Merkner

Cabins, Subtropics

Molly Antopol

My Grandmother Tells Me This Story, Ecotone

Lynne Sharon Schwartz

The Golden Rule, Fifth Wednesday Journal

Joan Silber

About My Aunt, Tin House

Thomas Pierce

Ba Baboon, The New Yorker

Elizabeth Strout

Snow Blind, Virginia Quarterly Review

Vauhini Vara

I, Buffalo, Tin House

Elizabeth McCracken

Birdsong From the Radio, Zoetrope: All-Story

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