Wednesday 15 July 2015

Looking For Submissions The Lifted Brow Magazine

The Lifted Brow is a publishing organisation. Our flagship publication is a quarterly print literary / arts / culture magazine, likewise titled The Lifted Brow. We also publish this magazine in monthly instalments, and post new and different work onour website too. We make the occasional book, we stage events and host gigs, and do lots more.

This Submittable page is where you submit work to be considered for publication in our print magazine, The Lifted Brow.

Firstly: those wishing to submit material are very strongly urged to first read The Lifted Brow. It's the truest truth that the best way to understand what we like is to read what we publish. And please: it's very obvious to us if you aren't familiar with the Brow. Anyway, if you've created something you'd like to see published, you want the best shot, yes? Well, your best shot comes only from reading us. See, when you read the Brow, a magical process of osmosis occurs, in that you absorb exactly what it takes to be a Brow contributor. We had it proved by scientists in a laboratory, with bunsen burners and beakers and protective goggles. Also, if you support us by buying and reading the Brow, chances are we'll still be around to publish your work in the weeks and months after you submit it. You can pick up back issues very cheaply—singly or in bundles—or subscribe to the Brow, all at our store.

Jokes aside, the Brow relies on sales for survival, especially those lovely people who subscribe. For that reason, we prioritise submissions by subscribers. Please mention in your cover letter that you are a subscriber, and if your name is on our list: booyah.

Anyone who submits work to the Brow is added to our mailing list, because we assume you are probably interested in the magazine. We write letters to this mailing list once every two months or so, and it’s easy and non-embarrassing to unsubscribe.

Nothing you submit can have been previously published in any form.

We pay contributors.

Sometimes we can take a while (a few weeks) to respond even to those we would like to discuss publishing, but we are always mostly doing our best. If you haven't heard from us within three months of submitting, please assume that we couldn't find room for your work, and know that we thank you for allowing us to read and consider it. No feedback can be given on unsuccessful submissions due to time constraints.

Entries are welcome from writers anywhere in the world. We particularly encourage people who identify as queer and/or trans and/or of any colour, religion, or gender, and/or have a disability, and/or are rad and excellent and canny, to apply. There is no age limit.

Thanks very much for thinking of us.

(NOTE: Only certain submission categories are open at certain times, due to an overwhelming amount of submissions.)

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