Friday 6 November 2015

Announcing Women in Water: The First Annual Eco-Chick Writing Contest #writing #contest

We at Eco-Chick are thrilled to announce our inaugural writing contest. We invite writers to submit a work of fiction, nonfiction or poetry related to our ongoing theme of women and the environment.

The focus of this year’s contest is water.

Water is clear, refreshing, baptismal. One of our most precious resources, water has long been associated with purity, birth and rebirth. However, with climate change and pollution on the rise, our planet’s water—including fresh water and ocean ecosystems—is threatened. According to the NRDC, polluted water is the world’s most significant health problem, causing and spreading disease.

Writers can interpret our theme in any way they choose, as long as their piece has something to do with women and water. Though our contest is focused on women, we encourage anyone to submit no matter where you fall on the gender spectrum. Your submission should have an element related to women, such as a female character or a theme related to women’s issues.


Submissions are free and open to anyone with a great short story, poem, or nonfiction essay (no straight journalism please). There will be a $150 prize for the first place winner in each category (nonfiction essay, fiction and poetry), and a $50 prize for each runner-up.

Winners and runners up will have their piece published on


All submissions must be related in some way to our theme of women and water.

HOW TO ENTER: Please email your submission to Include the category of your submission in the e-mail’s subject line, i.e. FICTION SUBMISSION.

Attach your submission to the email as a Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) or PDF (.pdf) attachment. Submissions should be sent in standard manuscript format. Include the author’s name and contact information on the first page of your submission.

MULTIPLES: Please limit your entry to one piece per category. If submitting to multiple categories, please send each submission in a separate email.

LENGTH: Please limit fiction and nonfiction entries to 15,000 words. Please limit poetry submissions to 100 lines and up to three poems. There is no minimum length for submissions.

DEADLINE: November 15th, 2015 at midnight Eastern.

PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED pieces are not eligible for submission. (updated 9/21)


We are endeavoring to create a printed volume (not guaranteed as this is our first year) from winning submissions and additional artwork; so winners will be published first on and then, probably, in a print volume. will own the exclusive rights to winning work for one year, but will be flexible about reprinting elsewhere with our (and the writer’s) permission.

For more information, please visit or send queries


Want to know who the judges for the competition will be? The finalized list will be available soon, but they will include a mix of current professors of writing, writers and authors in each of the categories.

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