Wednesday 6 January 2016

Flash Fiction Science Fiction Writing Contest #Writing #Flash #contest

No Entry Fee
Word limit: 750
Deadline: JANUARY 15, 2016
Submissions: email to

50 euro first prize (or equivalent amount in your currency)
25 euro second prize
15 euro third prize
Judge: Dr. Erin Macdonald
Astrophysicist & Sci-Fi Lecturer

Erin Macdonald holds a PhD in Astrophysics from the University of Glasgow. After working as a postdoctoral researcher for the LIGO Scientific Collaboration, she moved back to her roots in Colorado to pursue science education. She has worked as an educator at the Denver Museum for Nature and Science, as well as an adjunct professor in the Colorado Community College System.

Her true passion lies in dissecting the science in popular science fiction and she has given talks at various science fiction and fantasy conventions on the Science of Mass Effect, Star Wars andStar Trek. Currently she is working on a popular science astronomy book as well as a book on the Science of Mass Effect. Additionally, she works as a voice actress for independent animation and video games.

About the contest, Erin says: I am interested in stories with a developed world, thought-out science fiction and strong characters. Above all, I like to be emotionally invested.

What is science fiction?

Hugo Gernsback: Science fiction is “a charming romance intermingled with scientific fact and prophetic vision.”

Rod Serling: “Fantasy is the impossible made probable. Science fiction is the improbable made possible.”

Robert A. Heinlein: “A handy short definition of almost all science fiction might read: realistic speculation about possible future events, based solidly on adequate knowledge of the real world, past and present, and on a thorough understanding of the nature and significance of the scientific method.”

Contest Guidelines:
Only one entry per author. No simultaneous submissions for this contest.

Paste story in body of email and attach as .doc – email to

No poetry, no fan fiction, please.

All entries must be original and unpublished elsewhere. This means submissions that have been accepted for publication anywhere else, including anywhere on the internet, blogs, personal web pages, etc., are not eligible. Entries of more than 750 words or entries found to be published anywhere else will be immediately disqualified.

All winning entries (including shortlisted stories) will be published in the January issue of Brilliant Flash Fiction.

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