Thursday 12 May 2016

Blueberry Lane Books - Currently Open to Submissions: #Writing #contests


We are looking for women’s fiction, young adult catering to young adults around 20 years old, and off-beat mysteries.

Additional open projects in progress-Anthology:

In The Spaces Between

Agented or unagented submissions.
1,750 – 5,000 words

Theme: Science Fiction Mysteries, a mix of two genres. Equal parts science fiction and mystery exemplified by Nebula-nominated tales by Jack McDevitt and Stanley Schmidt, and Fantasy & Science Fiction author Ken Altabef. We’re looking for classic-style, timeless work, though of course, not cliche. For a general idea of what kind of writing we prefer, read our previous anthologies Drastic Measures and Wash the Spider Out.

Pay for unsolicited submissions: Half cent per published word. $12 minimum; $20 maximum. Author discounts for copies. Submit up to two stories.

Reading Period: Open from March 7, 2016 to May 31, 2016

Standard Submission Guidelines


We look forward to reading your work. As you prepare to submit your writing to Blueberry Lane Books we ask that you take a couple of minutes to familiarize yourself with our preferred submission format.

All Submitted Fiction Should Be In The Following Format:

· Send as Word RTF (Rich Text Format) attachment to
· Courier, Times New Roman (or similar, easy to read font), 12 pt, double-spaced
· 1″ Margins
· Left Justified (Align Text Left)
· No Spaces Between Paragraphs
· 1/2″ Tabbed Indents
· Two spaces after sentences
· Section Breaks Marked With Centered *** (Note that they have spaces in between each star)
· Contact Information (including, at the minimum, REAL NAME, STREET ADDRESS, TELEPHONE NUMBER & EMAIL ADDRESS)
· Title half way down the first page, BYLINE/WRITING AS NAME below the title
· Use Italics as appropriate. Never underline or use _this_ or *this*
· Never use ‘single quotation marks’ unless they appear within “double quotation marks”
· Include a short (75-150 word) biography, written in the third person, following your story. This will run in connection with your story in the anthology (if selected for publication)

Please Include The Following With Every Submission:

· Brief Cover Letter. A short greeting during which you tell us where you saw the call for submissions posting or found out about the call, submission TITLE and WORD COUNT. You may include a list of your most relevant publication credits or other information, if kept brief. Also, include CONTACT INFORMATION (Your REAL NAME and EMAIL ADDRESS, at minimum).

· Subject Line — Please put ANTHOLOGY TITLE SUBMISSION: Story Title/Last Name (Word Count) [Example — DRASTIC MEASURES SUBMISSION: Cat Tale/Jones (5,230)].

· File name — Make sure that your name follows the story name in the file you send us. [Example — Bangupjob-KEYS.Alicia]


Frequently Asked Questions

Who may submit?

· Any person age 18 and older may submit.

What genres do you accept?

· Generally, we are open to all popular genres (including science fiction, fantasy, and horror), as long as it fits the theme of the anthology to which you are submitting. Please, NO erotica.

Do you only accept stories written in third person?

· We MUCH PREFER stories written in the third person, though stories written in the first person may be considered. We are not looking for stories told through second person.

How long/short should my story be?

· The word count minimum/maximum requirements differ with each anthology. Please see the call for submissions for each particular anthology.

What are your content standards?

· Graphic language/scenes are okay as long as integral to the story; No gratuitous sex scenes or vulgarity for shock value. Nothing X- Rated.

Do you accept Simultaneous Submissions?

· No, we do not accept simultaneous submissions. We try to send out rejections and/or short list notifications in a timely fashion.

Do you accept Reprints?

· We are looking for original, unpublished work. The only exception is for acclaimed authors on a case-by-case basis.

Can I mail you my submission?

· Not at this time. Send all works to

Do I get paid for my story?

· Pay varies from anthology to anthology. Please see the call for submission pages for more details.

Will you notify me that you received my submission?

· Yes. If you don’t receive a reply within a week of submitting, please query to

Have more questions? Email

Learn from the unofficial writing guide for Blueberry Lane Books!

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