Friday, 13 May 2016

CROSSEDLINESPUBLISHING - Open Call for Super Hero Stories #Writing #Submissions

Put on your capes and get ready to save the day! We are going live with our first Submission Call. The theme for our first anthology will be Super Heroes.


-Well written stories about super heroes. We are flexible with the definition, but we do ask that the hero in question be your own creation. While you may have the best Incredible Hulk story ever, we can’t buy it.

-Be creative. We have all seen the movies of the same rehashed types of heroes. Give us something we haven’t seen.

-Since this is prose rather than comic, make sure you have the details that will be necessary in the telling of the story.

-No extreme violence or graphic Sex PG13 at the most.

– The measure of a hero is truly in the might of his enemy, and we will have an anthology focusing on the baddies soon. In this story, we really want to see the hero’s origins and what they can do.

-Reprints: Yes, but let us know where and make sure the rights are yours.

-Multiple and simultanious: No. One at a time, and we will give you a quick enough turn that you can wait before subbing elsewhere.

-Prose of 2,500 to 10,000 words


-We will pay $25 for selected stories.

-Selected stories will receive editing from a staff editor.

-We will likely ask all selected authors to submit to our Villain anthology in the near future.

Please send all stories as a .doc to crossedlinespublishing (at) with the heading Heroes/your name/title.

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