Tuesday 10 May 2016

Girls Do Get Published #seanocarolan.com #Writing #contest #competitions

We want to see your creations: ideas, articles, inventions, fiction, gardens, poetry, music, op-eds, apps, global villages, recipes, plays, buildings, puzzles, projects, jokes, speeches, games, screenplays, sports, art, experiments, costumes, activism, photos, rockets, crafts, designs, gadgets, dances, solutions, hats and everything else you imagine and make. Send it in with the form at the bottom of this page.

Guidelines: We show how girls are powerful, active, interesting makers in charge of their lives – not passive beings who are being acted upon or watching others. We celebrate girls and all they do. We support girls to share their voices, opinions, problems, needs and dreams as they grow from girl to woman. We support girls in reaching out and being allies to each other, even when they disagree or aren’t best friends.

NMG magazine and online are made by girls and women. They’re edited by and for girls ages 8 and up. We take girls seriously. Girls develop and use their power here. Girls and adult allies work together. Our Girls Editorial Board (GEB) of girls ages 8-14 makes final decisions on content for the magazine and online.

Girls’ content of all types has the best chance of being chosen by the GEB if it fits with one of our future themes. And of course, we must get it before the deadline for that theme. We also publish a lot of things online that don’t fit within the themes. So girls should send us their work that they love the most.

Girls who are Online Members complete the form below by just telling us you’re an online member and putting the link to your online member page and the name of the item you are contributing. If you want, you can also attach it to the form below.

All girls, members and non-members, can contribute content. All can participate in our polls that are posted often on our online community and in the Polls section of this site. Invite girls’ friends and classmates to contribute content and to take the polls, too. The more answers we get on polls, the more interesting the results are.

Adults, sign up for our free enews in the right-hand column on this page – it offers other special chances for girls to be included in what we publish in the magazine and online.

All Girls: Send in Your Work for Consideration by Completing and Submitting the Form Below. We will contact you BY EMAIL ONLY if we want to use your work in NMG magazine or in the Online Community, so please regularly check your contact email you listed, thanks!

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