Thursday 23 June 2016


Red Empress Publishing is looking for the following submissions:

Submissions in any genre of fiction, but especially romance, mystery, fantasy and historical fiction.
Submissions by women.
Submissions by people of color.
New authors.
Previously published works that are available for reprint, especially Gothic romances from 1960-1980. (Digital files not required for these types of submissions. If you only have physical copies of your out-of-print book, please email us for more information)
Short story collections and anthologies (no stand-alone short stories at this time).
Total word count must be at least 75,000 words for all submissions.

If you have a novel that you would like to submit that meets our criteria, please email a one-page query letter (including links to your social media pages and blog/website) and the complete manuscript to

We will do our best to respond within 4 weeks. If you don’t hear back from us after 4 weeks have passed, please feel free to follow up.

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