Thursday, 9 June 2016

The creative truth journal is accepting submissions #Writing #Contest


We are accepting submissions for the first journal! Please read the guidelines below before submitting to us.

What can I send?

You can send up to three submissions at a time, and these can be short stories, personal essays, memoirs or anything in between. The important thing is that your writing is based on the truth as you know it - we love writing that is brave and honest, that reveals something personal, or dares to tackle difficult topics.

Please send up to three submissions per email, with a maximum of 2,000 words each. If you send more than three submissions, only the first three will be read. Send them all in the same email as one Word document or similar - please do not send PDFs as these are difficult to edit and add to the finished journal!

Along with your submissions, please also send a short bio note. You can send a photo if you want to, but this isn’t mandatory.

Will I be paid?

Please note that regretfully, we are currently unable to offer payment, whether in the form of complimentary copies or monetary.

What about the legal bit?

For pieces we publish, you grant us non-exclusive rights to print, publish, distribute and sell copies of the work in printed form in the English language throughout the world. We may edit the work if we find anything we believe to be a spelling or grammar error, and in this case your work will be sent back to you to make sure you are happy with the changes. You may publish your work in other mediums if you choose, and any compensation you receive from other mediums remains yours in whole. Please bear in mind that if you do wish to submit your work to another publisher, they may not look favourably on work which has already been published elsewhere.

If your piece is published elsewhere after it appears in The Creative Truth, it would be very nice if you would note that the story was first published with us.

By submitting to The Creative Truth you are agreeing to the above guidelines.

Happy with all of that? Great! Send your work to

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