Sunday 10 July 2016

Moonglasses Magazine ; 2016 Clipart Story Contest

We know you’re loving all the cool stories and pieces in all these issues of Moonglasses Magazine. We know you probably spend eight or nine hours a day reading them and analyzing their metatextual purposes in a post-scarcity online economy dominated by conglomerates but supported by the masses. We are perfectly aware that you lie awake in bed for fifteen or sixteen hours every night wondering about the various marketing techniques that Moonglasses could use to promote themselves and gain more popularity among the thousands of literary magazines and journals, all vying for notice among the same pool of writers and trying desperately to differentiate themselves so that authors will read them, rather than simply submit to them.

So, just to alleviate all your worries, we here at Moonglasses are going to help cynically boost our own traffic by starting our very first story contest with meager cash rewards that will hopefully give some amount of incentive for you to submit!

Moonglasses is teaming up with Home Clipart Animal Deer to make a very weird contest that will push you to your absolute creative limits…. For this contest, you are going to be tasked with writing your very own Clipart Stories.

If you don’t know, Clipart Stories are a special brand of story where you take a piece of Public Domain Clipart and its filename, and then write a story based on it. You can read the Clipart Stories on HCAD as an example to see the various ways that it can be done (All About Me Boy is recommended for these purposes).

Knowing that… We have three pieces of Public Domain Clipart for you to write pieces for:

Black Cat Crosses Woman’s Path

Goggles Guy

Pirate Abstracted

Save these images, place them dear to your heart, and then use them to write the best of stories. We will be picking our favorite story from each Clipart and publishing them on our website with much glee (and also giving you very small amounts of cash via Paypal).

Contest Rules:
The Moonglasses Clipart Story Contest will run from May 10th to July 31st, 2016 (at 11:59 PM EST). Submit your stories any time during this time period.
Put the title and Clipart at the top of your document so we know which Clipart you are writing for (the title of the Clipart is the title of your story). But please, put your name as the filename of the document when you submit it to us!
Additionally, please specify that you are submitting to the Clipart Contest in the subject line when you send your email to us (at, of course). It will be confusing for us if you don’t.
You can submit a story for each of the Cliparts, but we will not pick the same author twice, because that’s weird and stupid. So if you submit for all three, make sure two of them are of considerably lesser quality than the third one.
There is no word minimum or maximum for any of these stories; do whatever you want. But if you submit a full-length novel or something insane like that, do not submit it in late July, or we will probably read 5 pages of it and reject it out of time constraints. Also, probably do not send us a full-length novel.
We will announce and publish the winners sometime in August or September (no specific date yet; it depends on the number of total submissions that we have to go through). Each winner receives a very hefty reward of FIVE DOLLARS via Paypal, so make sure you compete really hard to win.
Remember to read our current issue to see what kind of stuff we’re going for. Though you’ll also do good with reading the Clipart Stories and other stories on Home Clipart Animal Deer. This is cross-promotional, remember! Gotta pump both websites equally.
Uh, I can’t figure out anything else to say. Email us for more questions. And get to writing so that you can say you are an award-winning author (unless you are one already, then you’ll have to settle for multi-award-winning author).

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