Sunday 14 August 2016

itsalltrumpedup is accepting submissions

It's All Trumped Up - An Ebook

Trump’s dramatic entrance into American politics sets the stage for global tragedy. His life, a maelstrom of petty lies, construction supplies and gold bricks is Shakespearean. Daily he is the buffoon—representing the absolute worst in us, a cowardice that denies us the better parts of ourselves as Americans. Writers have a long history of holding the idiotic and powerful accountable. When the mainstream media fails, it has been the brave poets and novelists who have skewered the gilded. Now is the time to wield the pen.
We are seeking speculative fiction that explores what four years of a Trump presidency would do to America and the world. Writers should submit stories ranging from depictions of his absurdity to the impact of his politics on the disenfranchised, our international friends, and world peace.
We strongly encourage submissions from outside the United States. Feel free to submit a story in a language other than English. We will do everything we can to get it translated. But, if you’d like to submit the story in your native language and provide a translation, we would super love that!


August 31, 2016. We will review submissions, as they are received.
Word Count:
3,000 words. Stories should be short and sweet



Best Story = $100
First Runner Up = $50
Second Runner Up = $25
All other accepted authors = $10
All accepted authors will receive 4% of sales. Winners selected through a double-blind process.

Book Details:

10 stories with a foreword and an afterword. Storied will be selected with a double-blind review process. Initial distribution as e-book with a print-on-demand option. Depending on interest there may be a small print run.

Publication Details:

Book will be released on or before September 8. We will promote the book to as many channels as we can access (that’s a bunch).


Authors will retain the rights to do whatever they want with their stories. We will ask for the rights to publish the stories, as part of this collection, as both an e-book and a print book. We may contact individual authors about additional rights for pre-release or follow up projects.

About Us:

We are academics who see this book as a way to express the fear of a Trump presidency and lampoon his absurd behavior. Paul has a Ph.D. in Digital Media from Georgia Tech, produced and hosted the Science Fiction Lab on WREK Atlanta 91.1 FM for a decade, and has some experience in editing and publishing. Josh is a Ph.D. student in Digital Media, has run a successful digital humanities startup and has a Masters in Writing and Publishing from DePaul University.
More Details:
Trump won’t just affect the daily lives of many of the citizens of the United States. His hot temper and idiocy will ultimately impact every corner of the world. Let your imagination run wild. We’re looking for everything from speculative fiction based on real possibilities to the fantastic. What are the results of giving this much power to a megalomaniacal baby?
You tell us.

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