Tuesday 6 September 2016

2016 First Edition Project Children's Book Contest #seanocarolan.com


Manuscript Submissions through October 15, 2016

Submission Guidelines

Manuscripts must be

- Appropriate for children from birth to 5 years old.
(See "Choosing Books for Young Children." click here.)

- 600 words or less.

- Original and not previously published in any form or currently under consideration by another publisher. Retellings of traditional stories, such as fairy tales, will be considered, as long as the manuscript is unique and in the writer's own words.

- Free of discrimination based on race, ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual orientation or any other means of social classification.

Selection Process

- Each manuscript will undergo two rounds of review.

- The first round will be executed by the First Edition Project Editor supported by a team of early literacy experts at Southwest Human Development.

- The second round will be conducted by the Project's Final Review Committee— a group of professionals with expertise in child developmeant, early childhood education, early literacy and/or children's book sales and publishing, as well as the First Edition Project Editor.

- If, during the selection process, no manuscript rises to the top, Southwest Human Development reserves the right to void the contest and not claim a winning entry.

How to Submit a Manuscript


Submit the manuscript as a Word document attached to an email to lcroy@swhd.org.

Email Subject Line: "Manuscript Title – Last Name." For example, "The Cat in the Hat - Seuss."

Note: Hard copy submissions will not be accepted.

Word Count: 600 words maximum

How to Format the Manuscript

- Type the manuscript using 12-point Calibri in black ink.

- Double-space the text with no more than 25 lines to a page, except for the first page which begins 5 inches from the top of page one.

- Allow margins of 1 inch on each side of the paper and at the top and bottom of each page.

- In the upper right hand corner of the first page include the following:
Intended Audience:
Word Count:

- Type the TITLE IN CAPS 5 inches from the top of the first page.

- Begin typing the story 4 lines below the title.

- Number each page of the manuscript consecutively in the top right-hand corner, with the exception of the first page, which is not numbered.

Do not include any of the following on the manuscript:
First and last name
Phone number
E-mail address

Do not send illustrations or art direction.
If you are a professionally skilled illustrator and your manuscript is chosen for publication, we may consider the option of publishing an author/illustrator. However, the Project Editor reserves the right to choose and hire a professional illustrator not connected with the entry.

How to Enter the Manuscript

- Download and complete the entry form. Click here.
Note: If the manuscript is co-authored, each writer must complete an entry form.
- Sign the form digitally by opening it in Adobe Reader.
Adobe Reader can be downloaded for free at https://get.adobe.com/reader/.
Alternatively, print, complete and sign the form. Scan or take a picture of it, save it to a computer and send as an attachment to the email with the manuscript.
- Failure to complete all information or sign and date the form will result in elimination.
- Southwest Human Development employees and members of their families may not enter the contest.

2016 Contest Entry Fee Rules
- Credit card payment is required.
- May 31st - August 31st early bird fee is $50.00.
- September 1st - September 30th entry fee is $75.00.
- October 1st - October 15th, entry fee is $100.00.
- The deadline for entering the contest is October 15, 2016.
- Manuscript entries will be checked against payment records prior to beginning the manuscript review process.
Failure to pay the submission fee will result in elimination.
- To pay the entry fee click here.
- Entry fees are non-refundable and not transferable.
- Entry fees support the publication of the book.
- Funds normally donated to Southwest Human Development to support programs for young children and their families will not be used to support this project.
- Money raised in excess of publication costs will go to benefit the programs and services Southwest Human Development provides for the 135,000 children and families served each year.

Multiple Submissions
- Multiple submissions by a writer will be accepted.
- Each manuscript must have a separate entry form and entry fee.

Download Entry Form

Pay Entry Fee

Email A Question

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