Friday 24 March 2017

Wundor Poetry Contest 2017

Wundor Poetry Contest 2017: Spring

At Wundor, our aim is to champion interesting, unusual writing in all its forms. Poetry, unfortunately, is currently one of the more neglected, too often dismissed as old-fashioned and elitist. We know this isn’t true, and we hope that our contest will help to restore poetry to its rightful place.

The theme of our inaugural poetry contest will be ‘Spring’, and we encourage entrants to approach it in innovative and interesting ways. It is a theme that will never get old, but which must be kept fresh in our minds. Your poem might focus on Spring or mention it, but the season must play an important part in the poem.

The deadline is 31 May 2017 and winners will be announced at the end of June 2017.

We very much look forward to hearing from you.

Contest Details

The winner will receive £500.

The winner and two runners up will have their poems published on the Wundor website. Their work will be strongly considered for publication in print, too.

The prize is open to anybody writing in English, aged 16 or over.

Contestants may make as many entries as they would like.

Poems may be of any length.

Entrance fees are as follows:

£10 for an entry of up to six poems;

£15 for an entry of up to six poems + a voucher for one of our poetry books at 50% off;

£20 for an entry of up to six poems + a voucher for two of our poetry books at 50% off.

Vouchers for poetry books will be sent to your email address. Postage and packaging for the poetry books
is not included.

Contest Rules

Scripts must be double-spaced and saved in Helvetica or Times New Roman, in font sizes 12-14.

Entries must be entirely your own work.

Entrants must own the copyright to their work and rights to publish it worldwide must be available.

You will retain the copyright to your work. By submitting your work you agree that, should you finish as a winner or a runner-up, Wundor Editions will have the right to publish the winning manuscript in print or online and to distribute your work online, in print and in promotional materials. For longer works, the rights to publish the work in full online or in print will be subject to the agreement of a publishing contract, if Wundor Editions decides to make such an offer.

Online submissions only. All submissions are to be made through our Submittable portal.

Email and postal submissions will not be accepted.

All submissions are final and no changes can be made once they have been submitted.

Entries will be judged by an impartial, external judge. All decisions are final.

Winning entries may be edited to prepare them for publication.

Any entries found to be in violation of submission rules will be disqualified.

Entrance fees will not be refunded.

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