Wednesday, 15 November 2017

The Competition - Social Media: A Writer's Tail

Over the past fifteen years, with the rise of social media, the most extraordinary changes have taken place in people’s lives across the globe. In terms of the way we communicate, a whole new world has opened up as people make use of Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, and a whole host of other platforms and apps.

There are huge pluses involved, as we all find groups of like-minded souls to connect with, spread the word quicker than ever before – and generally make social media hay. But there have been downsides too, with Fake News dominating elections, social media bullying impacting adversely on individuals – and so on.

The Challenge

One of the key objectives of the Creative Ireland Programme is to nurture and develop new creative talent. Write Here, Write Now has joined forces with Creative Ireland to uncover the best new young writing talent in the country. We want you to to unleash your imagination and create a story which involves – or which reflects on – social media. Whether it’s kicked off by an unexpected like on Facebook, a tweet that really hits home, an Instagram post that makes you laugh or cry, or a group conversation on WhatsApp that goes askew, we all have social media stories to tell. In Social Media: A Writer’s Tale, we want you to draw on any or all of them: the good, the bad, the humorous, the mysterious, the downright strange.

The Fine Print

It will be up to the entrants to set their vision down, create a fictional world, or reflect on the theme of Social Media and its impact on our lives in whatever way they think works best. Competition entries can be in the form of stories, poems, songs, monologues, film scripts – or whatever medium the entrant chooses. What we are asking students to do in Write Here, Write Now is – in the spirit of the Creative Ireland Programme – to unlock their creativity and give us something brilliant and inspiring to think about.
No limits will otherwise be set about where, when, in what era – or indeed galaxy! – the entries will be located. Nor indeed about what form the written entry can take. We want students to use their imagination...
Remember, the competition will be a test of creativity, of originality, of vision, of style – of good writing! – and of the ability to entertain or enthral. In Social Media: A Writer’s Tale, the best entry in each category, in the opinion of the judges, will be the winner.

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