Tuesday 6 March 2018

BBC The Comedy Script Room is back for 2018.

The Comedy Script Room is back for 2018. The submission window opens later this month.

We are looking for the top funny writing talent from across the country to submit scripts (TV, film, radio, stage or online). This is an open door for all writers, both new and experienced. Writers selected for this unmatched, six-month skills development programme will participate in talks, workshops, networking events with Producers and Agents and bespoke writing opportunities with the aim of building a career within the BBC.

So get writing now… and keep on rewriting, polishing and honing your work until you submit it.

The submission window for the Comedy Script Room is open from Monday 19th March until Monday 16th April. All submissions must be made through the online system.

Please keep an eye on the Writersroom website for further information of how to submit: www.bbc.co.uk/writersroom/send-a-script

What we want from your script:

- It’s all about great characters. Original, nuanced, vivid and specific voices and how they, fight, love, or argue. How they ruin or save each other in your world.

- We can all quote from our favourite shows and films. Does your dialogue leap up and pull us into your work? How quotable are your characters? We want to find something special in what you show us, that makes us want to read more and to work with you.

- We are looking for writers who need to go for the funny. Does your script mine every opportunity for comedy? This isn’t a “drama with a few light moments” scheme.

- We are looking for unique voices and perspectives. Show us something we haven’t seen. This doesn’t necessarily mean in the setting or the precinct, but in the writers voice and how you tell the story.

- A fast start. Does your script immediately set up the characters, their relationships and their world in a clear and interesting way, grabbing the reader and making them want to read more?

- This is a chance to showcase your writing talents, and rewrites are not permitted. Is this draft the absolute best that it can be? Does it show your unique talent in the best possible light?

- Get your submission in before the deadline. We can’t accept any late submissions.

Two Northern Irish writers got a place last year because they wrote scripts that they really believed in and showed off their unique comic perspective on the world. Let’s get you and yours on Comedy Room 2018.

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