Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Paranormal Horror Short Stories Competition 2018

With the goal of extending our range of Paranormal Horror Anthologies, we at Severance sought to create a hybrid writing competition which included a much more personal approach.

In addition to publishing the winners in a themed anthology, the overall winner will receive a personalised blog article detailing their personal profile and relevant experience – leaving a lasting impression online.

We have maintained our market niche by bridging the gap between unknown, unpublished writers, and recognised writers with published credentials. We are extending our marketing with the aforementioned personal addition to our business model.

We previously featured some genuinely original work from authors such as ‘100 Half-Minute Tales of Horror’ by Olivia Ellis, which is quite honestly as the title suggests, to stories such as ‘Like Pine’ by Jason Purdy, which truly make the reader feel as though they are stuck in the character’s plight.

We are seeking Paranormal Horror Stories that are truly unique, suspenseful, and terrifying. If this is something that interests you, we have a modest deadline of 10th May 2018. Please see our guidelines below.

Your Tasked Guidelines:

Our Paranormal Short Story Competition Guidelines are very simple so please make sure you follow them before submitting.

~ All entries must be original work from the author themselves.

~ Entries to any of our Poetry Competitions or Short Story Contests must be unpublished.

~ Short Stories should be within 500 – 5,000 words, though we are lenient on this rule.

~ Winners will first be notified via e-mail, so please provide a current e-mail address.

~ If you wish to submit more than one Short Story entry, you must upload them separately to ensure they are all received. This is shown on our submissions page. Entry is free, and always will be.

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