Thursday 31 May 2018

Dorset Fiction Award

Full details & Rules

Born in Dorset, England – the Dorset Fiction Award thrives on talented writers from its home county and the rest of the world. We believe that one of the best things you can do to improve yourself as a writer, is to enter contests – for new writers, it pushes your art into that higher level, and for the seasoned, it keeps you on your feet. And no matter what the results are of the contest, you'll always come out of it a better writer.

For our competition, we relishing the art of short story writing. A unique and compelling way of telling any story, characters are honed and potent, prose is direct and arresting, and the plot is nuanced and imaginative. We are challenging you to write a short story in fewer than one thousand words. We're searching for creative flare, killer prose, and that je ne sais quoi that makes great writing great.

The Prize:
£500, or the equivalent in your local currency (approx. $640USD, €600EUR)
Publication in yearly anthology
A warm fuzzy feeling

There are no second or third prizes, but the runners up will have their work published along side the winner in the anthology.

How to Enter, Rules, and conditions:
Enter through the online form, further instructions are on the page. We currently do not accept postal entries. The fee to enter is £7. Multiple and simultaneous entries are allowed. International entries welcome.
Your entry must be written in English and be entirely original. It also cannot be already published online or in print.
Your story must have fewer than 1000 words (0-999 words). Your digital document must be named with the title of your piece, if you don't have a title, the name should be the first eight words of your story. Any personally identifying information must be stripped from your entry file. All major document file types are accepted through the form.
You must submit your entry by 23:59 (BST) 9th June 2018

Simultaneous entries are allowed (same piece of work entered in to multiple different competitions).
You may voluntarily withdraw your entry from this competition by request via email.
You as the author will retain ownership and copyright of your entry. However, by submitting to the competition, you automatically give permission for Dorset Fiction Award to publish your submission in its anthology and on its website. You won't be entitled to any royalties from sales/revenue made by us, but all profit made is used help improve our organisation or is donated to charity. You also allow us to edit your work prior to publication (usually for typos/errors).
Withdrawn submissions (for any reason) will not be refunded.
You may be disqualified if any of the rules are not followed. Although we will endeavour to seek corrections from you.

Judging is fair and anonymous, and all submissions, no matter the style or content, are considered equally.
A long list and proceeding short list will be published soon after the closing date.
The winner will be announced by the 1st July 2018
The winner will be personally contacted to arrange prize giving.


The winning and shortlisted entries from this competition will be featured in our annual anthology. Our anthology incorporates the two competitions we run per year. It will be available for sale in physical format early in 2019.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please get in touch with us by email: , or send us a tweet @Dorsetfiction

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