Wednesday 2 December 2020

National Flash Fiction Day

National Flash Fiction Day is celebrating its 10th Anniversary on Saturday, 26 June 2021!

To mark the occasion, we've upped the prizes for our annual Microfiction Competition and have a brand new theme for our next anthology...and submissions are now open for both!

2021 NFFD Microfiction Competition

We have a brand new team of judges for this year's Microfiction Competition; a huge welcome goes out to Rachael Dunlop, K M Elkes, Sharon Telfer and Alison Woodhouse who will be reading this year's entries.

You can read more about the judges here, and of course, stay tuned for interviews with each of our judges which we'll post in January and February 2021 on our blog.

We've increased our prize pot this year, but have kept entrance fees and our 100-word limit the same. There is no theme for the Microfiction Competition; anything goes in terms of style, subject and theme. Please have a read of our Competition Guidelines and then send something our way!

2021 NFFD Anthology Submissions

The theme of this year’s National Flash Fiction Day anthology is… TA DA! MAGIC!

Charms, spells, rituals, supernatural effects, sleight of hand, conjuring, a mysterious quality of enchantment. The dictionary tells us magic can mean all these things.

Can you bring these qualities into a story in five hundred words or fewer?

Does the word magic conjure (sorry) something entirely different for you? Perhaps you can bring the world of magical realism to your story? Maybe Magic is one of your character's names. Perhaps you can enthral us with some magical technical wizardry in your writing?

Whatever illusion you trick us into believing, please submit your stories by 15th February 2021.

This year’s Guest Editor is Nod Ghosh who will be working alongside National Flash Fiction Day's own Santino Prinzi. Read more about them here, and stay tuned to our blog for their interviews in early 2021.

Our submission process for the anthology has changed this year, so please have a read of our Anthology Submission Guidelines before submitting. We look forward to reading your work!

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